Writers and Winners

During the month of April, I allowed each of my five children a day to guest post for me. What I didn’t share is that each of their blogs posts were also their entries in our local library’s Writes of Spring Writing Contest.

I’m proud to announce we have winners!

For the third consecutive year, Megan placed 1st in her category (7th-8th grade non-fiction).  Julia was also a 1st place winner, taking home top honors in the 5th-6th grade non-fiction essay.

Nathan, who competed head-to-head with Megan in the 7th-8th grade non-fiction category, took home the 2nd place prize. Maddie also brought home 2nd place honors with her fiction piece (9th-10th division).

Joel was the only one who didn’t place, however our favorite librarian told us that 9th-10th grade non-fiction was the group with the largest amount of entries. She only had the top 3 places before her and couldn’t tell us where he placed within his category. Regardless of the outcome, both Joel and I were pleased with his essay, and remembered how he won 1st place twice in previous years. He’s proud of his siblings, and I’m glad he has such a great attitude over the results.

In case you missed the earlier postings, here are the links where you can find each one of my children’s writings.

Megan: The Princess Dinner ~ 1st place (7th-8th grade non-fiction essay)

Julia: City of Love ~ 1st place (5th-6th grade non-fiction essay)

Nathan: My European Vacation ~ 2nd place (7th-8th grade non-fiction essay)

Maddie: Alayda ~ 2nd place (9th-10th grade fiction)

Joel: In Memoriam of Poppa (9th-10th grade non-fiction essay)


“My heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite my verses for the king; my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer.”  ~ Psalm 45:1



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