A blog post from my Aunt DeDe, who serves as a missionary in Uganda and the South Sudan … encouraging and yet challenging to my faith as well.


Chad woman

Most of the month of February 2015 Curt and were in the country of Chad.  We have been in many countries of East Africa, but I must say they have been different experiences from Chad.

We had always been in countries that had been English colonies.  This is first of all evident, of course, in language. Since Chad had been a French colony we were dependent on translators for not only research, but also to even purchase a bottle of water.

Travel is another difference. While in Uganda you drive on the left side of the road, in Chad you must drive on the right side.

While there are areas of Uganda and South Sudan where people live as nomads, we have not worked there.


I wandered between two opinions as I saw nomads easily moving from one area to another mainly to supply their need for water.  The freedom…

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