Yesterday a surprise package arrived outside my door.  I love surprises … especially ones that I know are likely to be good. And this surprise box had “GOOD” written all over it! (Well, not literally, but I’m sure you know what I mean.)

It was from my Aunt Janell, who lives so far away from my Cajun Country home that I rarely get to visit with her.  However, during a phone conversation several weeks ago, she had mentioned she had a little something to send me if she could ever get around to mailing it.  From the size of the box, I knew this wasn’t “a little something.”  Again, I had the feeling that whatever this boxed contained was a treasure … perhaps not a treasure for anyone else, but definitely something intended to bless my heart.

With the kids watching eagerly, I opened the box … and, to my delight, discovered this:


Like any good gift, this one was absolutely perfect for me!  No doubt, God had His hand in helping my aunt choose this gift and even picked the perfect day for it to arrive on my doorstep.

Writing is hard.  It’s emotional. I’m invested in the words I’ve written, and long to see that what I’m doing makes a difference. I want it to matter, for God to use it, and for others to be blessed by it.  But so often, I don’t see it, and I start to doubt whether or not I heard God call me to write for Him.  Perhaps I’m not supposed to see and know all the ways God uses the words He gives me to write … and yet, I am easily discouraged.

So after a couple of days of questioning and doubts and wondering why on earth I keep pushing myself to write, a laundry mat arrives on my doorstep … and in my heart I felt God whisper, “Just keep meeting me in the laundry room, remember to write for Me only, and trust that my plans for you are good.”

Thanks, Aunt Janell, for the laundry mat and for the encouragement to continue writing. I’m quite certain it will be put to good use … bringing a smile to my face each time I step inside my laundry room (aka: the prayer closet).  I’m looking forward to seeing you in September! 



As you can see, my newly upgraded and improved laundry room is all ready for the return of 3 of my 5 kids at the end of the week.  I am positive I’ll spend a lot of time standing here this weekend, washing away the dirt, grime, sand and sweat which collected on their clothes from several days of summer camping fun … and God will somehow meet me in the laundry room, washing my spirit in His perfect peace and love.

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